Tips to avoid spitback from vape tank

Tips to avoid spitback from vape tank

With vaping device one of the problems is spit back which not only a newbie but experienced will also face. This is never pleasant when in your mouth you get spit of hot e-juice. This guide will help you tackle the problem of nasty spit backs that you be facing while using the e-cigarette.

Vaping can be very fun and exciting. But at times we do have unpleasant experience which is caused by spit back. This means suddenly in the mouth you get spit of hot e-juice while you are in the mid of inhaling. This can also happen when an excess amount of e-juice is available in the coil centre. Although it is not dangerous but not the best sensation also. Luckily, the problem of spit-back can be avoided by keeping in mind the following tips.


  • Flick the vape tank


You might have seen vapers flicking the vape tanks. Flicking the vape tank with sharp downward will clear out the excess e-juice. This wait will help you get the best vaping experience that you were not able to get. In case you have filled the tank just only then this advice will help you a lot. It might get messy so make you do this with sink or some tissue. You can take the help of the shop owner when you get the vaping kit from the vape shop.


  • From the center, part remove excess liquid


The vapor that is not inhaled gets condensed into the e-juice in the centre part of the tank. This will run down the post into the centre of the coil. To solve this problem you should take kitchen roll and roll it up. Then you should poke it down in the centre post of the tank without cleaning the excess e-juice.


  • Firing up the battery


Another essential tip is firing up the battery with few burst shorts before you start vaping. Before the vape session, this will evaporate the excess e-juice. In case there is excess liquid, there will be popping sound when the battery is fired up.


  • Vape with e-juice with more VG


E-juice with a high level of VG is thick which helps the wicking material to soak slowly. This way the problem will be solved. You can get the e-juice as per your preference and need from the local vape store.


  • Never over prime the device


Those who have been into vaping for a long time you will have heard of priming. Priming means dropping e-juice directly so that the wick gets saturated and this will help you get the best flavor. Those who love flavor will prime the coil but there is a risk that at once too much liquid is put.

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