Tips to increase lifespan of coils

Tips to increase lifespan of coils

Changing the coil of e-cig can be very difficult. Sometimes it can be messy and the process of changing should be done properly. No doubt, to get the best flavor is very important which might mean the coil will not last long. To solve the problem we mentioned the top tips to increase longevity.

Here are a few effective and simple tips that can increase the lifespan of coils.


  • Sweet E-juice


Sweet e-juice like the ones with high VG sub ohm e-juice contains more sweetener which gives them a juicy and long-lasting taste. But extra sweet e-juice put extra strain on vape coil which can make them clogged and they also age very quickly. You might notice you have to change the coil very early. You should swap to milder options like menthol or fruit. Additionally, opt for e-juice which does not have color in them as they are not harsh on the coil.


  • Quality


Choosing a quality product is very important. You should never buy the coil if the vendor is not reputable. Opting for a trusted and reliable e-cig store means additional safety and long-lasting performance.


  • Dry Burning Coils


Dry burning means holding the e-cigarette button without inhaling the mouthpiece so that e-juice residue on the coil is burned. This helps in improving the e-juice flavor but it puts more stress on the coil and structure. Instead, you should remove it and rinse it underwater for a few minutes. Dry it with a piece of cloth and blow the ends to remove the trapped or unwanted e-liquid.


  • Wattage Settings


To want big clouds or intense flavor high wattage is needed. But, this can make the battery to get finish faster. So, you should lower the wattage of e-cig and do not exceed the suggested wattage of the device you are using.

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  • Priming the coil


The most essential tip is to prime the coil before using it. To prime, soak the wicking material in e-juice before putting it in the tank. Fill the e-juice in the tank and let it sit for 5 minutes before you start vaping. For few times, inhale on the mouthpiece without pressing the fire button so that wicking material is soaked completely in e-juice.


  • Nicotine strength


Make sure you are using e-juice of right nicotine strength. If the e-juice is not able to satisfy your nicotine strength then you might vape for a long time. Using the coil for a long time will degrade it much faster. The best option is to move to a higher strength.

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