Tips to Maintain Vaporizer Pen Battery

Tips to Maintain Vaporizer Pen Battery

Vaping community is growing every year. No doubt, its craze, and demand are because of the fact it does not harm the health negatively as smoking would have. You might have bought your first vaporizer so to maintain it properly we have given the effective tips in this topic for your understanding.

Finally, you decided to get your first e-juice vaporizer pen and you read to vape it. But, you might be wondering whether it will break or how you should handle it. Well, accidents can happen with anyone and it can break even when you maintain it. Well, there is no need to worry as we will give you some basic information on how you should maintain the vaporizer pen battery so that you can enjoy the vaping session properly.


  • Start using the compatible chargers


There is a reason that the vaporizers with a specific charger. The batteries come in different sizes and shapes along with voltages. If you see the charger, not for the specific battery then your battery is being at risk of overloading or shorting. It happens when the charger is used which is too weak or too strong with voltage output.

The biggest issue is car chargers. No doubt, we all prefer to use car chargers which are portable as they are easy to use as well as convenient. But they are best for cell-phones and not for the vaporizer pen batteries. So, make sure that you get the specific battery for your device from the vape store.


  • Do not neglect the charging battery


At night, we prefer to charge the cell-phone and then forget about it. With time the battery can get depleted when the battery is overcharged. This is also the same for the vaporizer pen batteries. The new vaping devices have the feature of overcharge protection which makes them safe to overcharging. But, still, it is important that you take off the charger when the device is fully charged so that you can prevent any type of damage. This way also the battery device will last for a long time. Keep in mind that you get the battery from the best vape shop and at an affordable price.


  • Regular cleaning of the battery Connections


By chance, you spilled the e-juice or the cartridge is overfilled which gets spilled on your hands. E-juice are sticky and they can stick around the crannies or nooks. Things can get messy when you get into dry herbs or products with a waxy consistency. Every vaping device works in their way with the battery connections.

It is important that you get it cleaned regularly so that nor problem arises. It would be best to clean the vaporizer pens weekly. Use a clean cloth or damp cotton swab to wipe away the residue from it.

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