Tips To Purchase Your First Box Mod

Tips To Purchase Your First Box Mod

What is Box mod?

A box mod is one of the types of vaporizers which is very powerful also. They are different other vaporizers in some way. The battery of box mod is long lasting than other vape pens. The use of box mod is increasing every day and especially in youngsters. Our Tobacco and vape mart is one of the few Box Mod Store in cape may which sells premium quality brand Box mods.

The name of the box mod is given to them because of the way they look. The vaporizer allows the user to change different type of batteries, tanks, and atomizers. It is the best choice for those customers who want something which can be changed according to there requirement. The box mod can be changed between different levels of intensity of a throat hit. It offers the customers a potential way to use the vaporizers how they like.

Working of the Box mod

The working of box mod is similar to there vaporizers. The device is operated with the help of a battery which heats up the coil. It contains an atomizer where the coil is located that is attached to the box mod. Once the coil heated the vapor is created which the user can inhale. The process can vary depending on the atomizer which is attached to the box mod.

Features of Box Mode

Some of the features that will help you to buy the box mod.


  • Regulating Temperature


One of the best features which will help you to buy your first vaporizer is that they can control and regulate the vaping temperature. Before buying you should see whether they can optimize the temperature easily or not. You don’t have to worry about whether the vaporizer will be too hot or too dry because this control is in the user’s hands to regulate the temperature and the power of vaporizer.


  • Adjustable Wattage


One of the best things of purchasing the box mode is that it allows the user wattage control. It is the amount of power which is delivered to the atomizer with the help of the battery. This gives the user the best experience of using the box mod vaporizer.


  • Sub-ohm Vaping


If you want to experience more intense flavors and vapor clouds then Sub-ohm atomizers are the best option. This is very popular among vaping lovers. You can attach the sub-ohm to the battery of box mod.

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