Tips to Stop the Leaking Vape

Tips to Stop the Leaking Vape

Vaping can be pretty fun and exciting. No doubt, many people are opting for the vaping product as they do not result in harmful effects on health. But, the problem arises when these devices do not work appropriately. Read the given topic to know what to do when your vaping device starts leaking.

Vaping devices are amazing and fun to use. But using them in the right manner is very important. You need to take proper care so that under any circumstances your vaping experience does not get affected. You might encounter the issue of leakage but nothing to worry about.

What results in leakage?

Cracked tank

Leaks happen when the tank is damaged or has a crack in it which makes the e-juice leak out. When you notice this issue check the tank properly. If the damage is more than you need to replace it.

E-juice is not proper

Sometimes the problem occurs because of the e-juice percentage. In every device it is different but you should not go below 70% VG. If it is lower than this then it will result in leakage.

Defective coil head

Always check that the coil head needs to be screwed properly. If there is still leakage, then you should buy a different coil from the vape shop. Make sure that you always get the vaping device and its other items from the best vape store as it will ensure you are getting quality products.

Damaged O-ring

Another reason behind the leakage is o-ring is damaged or it falls off completely. This will affect the device air seal. Well, you can buy them easily and they are inexpensive. Getting the replacement parts with these devices is not much difficult in any manner. If you are facing problems getting the right product then you should contact our team.

Here we have mentioned a few top tips which are going to solve your problem. 

Using the lid

The vape device which you use is pressurized in a certain way. In case, you do not close it properly then e-juice is going to start leaking out. Keeping small things in mind will make your vaping device to last for a long time and you can get the best experience.

Letting the tank stand tall

The tank has different airflow holes and if the device is kept for too long on one side then you are automatically giving it a chance to leak the vape.

Cleaning the chimney

The chimney is referred to as the airflow tube in the center. In this tube, e-juice should not be present but at times it can get there. You should clean the chimney with a towel if you notice the e-liquid. By doing this, you can enjoy the vape session easily as there will be no leakage.

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