What all you need to know about the expert cigar making process?

What all you need to know about the expert cigar making process?

Guide on Cigar Making process

The word cigar is derived from the word Sikar which means to smoke rolled tobacco leaves. In this tobacco leaf is wrapped around the bundle of fermented leaves intended for consumption. The most important ingredient behind the manufacturing of cigars is the leaf of a tobacco plant called Nicotiana Tabacum. These plants need to be carefully pruned for the leaves so that these can grow according to the required size. At the best cigar store, you will get the premium cigar options.


Curing Tobacco

When the cigar is produced, the main importance is given to curing tasks which are not overlooked. Curing tobacco is important because processing it for consumption purposes. Once it is harvested, you must get it cured by changing the color and then reducing the chlorophyll content.

The leaf is prepared for consumption when the entire method is performed on ignition with slow oxidation. Post curing the leaves are segregated according to their size and color.


Rolling A Cigar

The cigar can be rolled in 3 simple steps which include a filler, binder, and wrapper. To roll a cigar, you need to have 3 types of tobacco leaf. The broken or smaller tobacco leaves are for the filler. The wrapper present inside it which forms the binder is made up of the whole leaves which means the texture is uneven or the quality is imperfect. Large finely textured leaf with uniform appearance is needed to hole the binder along with filler. Once the leaves are according to the needed size, the process of fermentation is going to start.


Fermentation Span

Tobacco leaves of different sizes are kept and bundled up in large caskets or boxes till the time the fermentation process is completed. You can store them for around 6 months to 5 years. When there is a need to roll a cigar the tobacco is fermented for a longer duration. During the fermentation method, the leaf undergoes different chemical changes where the taste and aroma of the leaf are going to develop.

The cigars are best suited for growing in humid and dry weather. Areas with heavy to moderate rainfall are perfect for the process of harvesting cigars.

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