What are the common ways to identify the best cigar for yourself?

What are the common ways to identify the best cigar for yourself?

Are you confused about what makes a good cigar different from others? The flavour, age, burn, strength, cigar’s construction, look, tobacco, etc. all play a vital role in the overall enjoyment of a cigar. Some people give importance to the flavour of the cigar while buying it from the cigar store. If you are searching common ways to identify the best cigar for yourself then don’t worry you are at the right place. Read the full article for a better understanding.

• The flavour of the cigar
Flavour is important but the texture, smoothness, fullness, intensity of the cigar smoke are also important if you want the best cigar for yourself.

• Price of the cigar
For some people, the price of the cigar matters and for some, it doesn’t matter at all. You should be very careful while buying the cigar. It should be worth the money. If you are buying in bulk then the price of the cigar will be less but you need proper storage to store the cigar because your one tiny mistake will lead to damage of cigar as well as wastage of money.

• Fermentation
You must be thinking about what fermentation is and why it is important right. The fermentation is crushing of leaves organically through water, pressure and oxygen. It helps in making the taste of the tobacco much better reduces the bitterness and brings the sweet, nutty and floral aspects.

• Age of the cigar
Age of the cigar matters a lot. The older the cigar the better the taste. But make sure you will not buy an over age cigar which will lead to loss of flavour and the taste will be flat and dusty.

• Cut the cigar and light it up
You have to cut the head of the cigar before lighting it up. There is a proper technique to cut the head of the cigar. Just don’t end up cutting too much which will lead to loss of a taper. You should light a cigar very carefully. Just don’t burn your hand while lighting it up.

• The shape of the cigar
Cigar smokers know whether they want to smoke a strong, medium or mild cigar. It will be difficult for you to identify just check the dark, oily wrappers of the cigar are the sign that cigar is strong whereas light wrappers will indicate that the cigar is medium or mild.

• The place from where you are buying
The place of the cigar also plays a vital role. You should be very careful while purchasing the cigar. You should buy the cigar from the cigar store or liquor shop instead of buying it from the local streets. Sometimes the people who are selling the cigar on the local street might not be able to satisfy your needs.


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