What are the major cigar mistakes which you cigar lovers need to avoid?

What are the major cigar mistakes which you cigar lovers need to avoid?

In this topic, we are going to discuss the major things which cigar lovers need to avoid:

Method to store the cigar

Once, you have bought your cigar from cigar store you need to store it correctly by keeping in mind the following tips:


Never store them in the fridge

One of the common mistakes which people make is to store cigars in the fridge. No doubt, people can think that keeping it in the fridge will keep it fresh for a long time. But this is not a food item that needs to be stored in the fridge. Cigars are not meant to be kept in a cool environment as they best in humid temperature. The ideal place to store them is the storage unit i.e. Humidor.


Never steam your cigars

If your cigar has dried out and you decide to put in the bathroom in the shower at the highest heat to restore its health. But, this is not the best choice to do so. The cigar is not a human and it is sensitive to nature despite being organic.

If your cigar has dried out, then you need to discard it and there is no other option. Trying to put in the hot shower will ruin it completely. The varying temperature will affect the cigar layers and cigar flavor also gets changed. The best place to store cigars is in a high-quality humidor which helps to maintain its temperature.


Use of Humidors

Storing half-smoked stogie

Another mistake that you need to avoid is putting back a cigar when it is already lit and smoked. Cigar absorbs the flavor around them and therefore the ashy remnants will be absorbed by the cigars and its flavor will be affected completely.

Moreover, the ash will ruin the humidor, and cleaning up is another task. Once the cigar is lit, it is best to use it fully or leave it in an ashtray to let it go naturally and dispose of it. One of the perfect accessories you need to buy is Cigar Ashtray as it helps to make the best resting place for the smoke.


Use of cigar box instead of a humidor

If you want to get the best of your cigars, you need to keep them inside a humidor. The humidor is a container that is designed to have better airflow and comes with equipped devices that maintain humidity levels in it. The humidor is an ideal place to store cigars as it gives optimum conditions instead of a cigar box.


Lighting the cigar

Be careful about the lighter

When you light the cigar, make sure it is lit evenly and the flame does not taint the cigar flavors. It is best to invest in a butane lighter or wooden match. If you use a wax match or gasoline lighter, it will get transferred to the cigar, and its flavor will be altered.


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