What do you need to know if you are looking for premium quality cigars?

What do you need to know if you are looking for premium quality cigars?

There is good news for the beginners who started smoking a cigar.

You should not be a pro in identifying the best cigar. In this blog, we are going to talk about the things you should be aware of while searching for a good quality of cigars. Also, make sure you are purchasing the best cigar from a cigar store in Cape May.


  • Packaging of the cigar

You should make sure that the packaging of the cigar should be perfect. If the packaging will be too tight then it will become difficult to draw and have a lesser flavour as well as smoke. If the packaging will be too loose then the taste of the cigar will be harsh.


Burning evenly

While smoking a cigar, you should make sure your cigar is burning evenly. If the cigar is not burning properly then, there are chances that your cigar is not rolled properly.


Ashes of the cigar

You should ensure that while ash is falling on the astray making a cone shape. The high-quality cigar ash will fall in cone shape whereas the low-quality cigar ashes will not make such shapes.


Check the taste

To ensure you have bought a good quality cigar you should check the taste of the cigar each time you are smoking till the end. If you are experiencing bitterness, feeling like your heart is burning and so on which means you have bought the low-quality cigar.


Size of the cigar

the size of the cigar is measured in two ways that are mentioned below:

  • The length of the cigar
  • The diameter of the cigar (ring gauge)

The longer the cigar the higher the price of the cigar. So instead of buying an expensive one, in the beginning, you should taste the mild than moderate and then the longer one. Always remember the longer cigar you will buy the longer time it will take in burning


The shape of the Cigar

The shape of the cigar will look like a cylindrical body with a straight side, open-end and round end cap. You should keep your cigar safe in the humidor after purchasing. If you will not keep your cigar safely then you might end up wasting your money. The shape of the cigar depends upon the cigar you are buying.


Composition of the Cigar

Every cigar is made up of three leaves that are mentioned below:

  • A wrapper
  • Binder
  • Filler

Different brands of cigars will be having different flavours as well as smoke. The cigar is rolled beautifully by the tobacconist. Handmade cigars will be expensive and rich in flavours as compared to the cigars rolled up with the machines.

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