What Is Vaping Without Nicotine And Facts Related To It

What Is Vaping Without Nicotine And Facts Related To It

The vaping industry has grown in the past few years and it is expected to reach more heights in the years to come by. But, despite the growing demand for vapes many people are still not aware of vaping. There are many myths which are present in peoples minds

Myth - Only those people do vape who used to earlier smoke traditional cigarette

Fact – Many health experts think about this point. Many studies have also been done to show the rise in vaporizer use in school going children. The Center for Disease and Prevention show the increase in vaping happened when there was a decrease in traditional smoking.   

Myth- Vaporizer, and e-cigarette are the same. 

Fact- Both of them use e-liquid which is the only thing similar between them. Most of the e-cigarette that you purchase from a Cape May Vape Store look similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette, they are small in size, and also come in many flavors. Vaporizers are much more powerful, rechargeable and also can be refilled which give them a more powerful feeling of vaping.

Myth- E liquids have harmful products about which no one is aware of. 

Fact- All the ingredients present along with the flavors which are used in e- liquids are consumable for the body. The flavors which are used also edible and have good quality ingredients. Many e-liquid manufactures put an expiry date on the products and also in the ingredients while making the juice.

Myth – The methanol used in E- liquids is very harmful 

Fact- This is not at all true. Some of the ingredients like propylene glycol are also used in methanol. The E- liquids do not have any methanol in them.

Myth- Formaldehyde is also present in vapor. 

Fact – A study has stated that when vapor put too high temperatures contain Formaldehyde which is cancer-causing substance. But, another study stated that no traces of Formaldehyde were o be found. So there are two contradictions on the same thing

Myth – The nicotine present in E-liquid causes cancer 

Fact- no doubt Nicotine is habit forming drug and can be very addictive, it does not cause cancer. Many studies by different groups have tried to find out a link between nicotine and cancer but no one of them got any success.

Myth – Vaporizes are inflammable 

Fact – Vapes are not inflammable as is shown in many videos. Vaporizers are not to be blamed for exploding. If you use the e-cigarette properly and charge it with the charger then vaporizers are very safe to use.

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