What’s the Reasons Behind Vape Popping Sound

What’s the Reasons Behind Vape Popping Sound

Vaping is completely safe for those who wish to quit smoking. However, new vapors experience popping and crackling noises while vaping. Not only new but experienced also hear popping noises. In this case, you have to check all the parts of your device. Here, in this content, you will learn the reasons behind popping and crackling noises.

Vaping is essential to quit smoking, but new users do not know how to use them. And they also don’t know which type is best for them, that’s why they go to a vape shop so that they can get the proper knowledge about the product and how to use it. In addition to this, if you are new to vaping, you will surely experience a few sounds such as popping and crackling coming from your vape, that may irritate you. Do not take tension, this is not happening to you only, well, experienced vapors also experience a different type of sounds while vaping. In order to get rid of these noises, you need to understand why this happens and the reasons behind vape popping and crackling as well.

Reasons behind vape popping

According to vape store, if you are experiencing popping noise while vaping, it is a usual process because this happens when e-juice being heated by the coil and vaporizing. This means your vaping product is working properly and there is no need to take tension about anything.

Here are several other reasons why people experience popping and crackling noises.

The wattage/voltage level.

If you are utilizing a sub-ohm vaping product is the main culprit behind this popping and crackling noise. If your vaping tank has excess e-fluid, it will surely lead to unnecessary noises. E-fluid cannot be vaporized properly when your vape wattage is excessively low. You have to increase it for normal warming in order to make longer draws. In order to reduce the noises, you need to reduce the amount of e-liquid in your vaping tank.

Different e-liquid ingredients.

Don’t feel hesitant in order to fill your vape device with new flavors. However, if you are going with thicker e-juice, it will surely give more vapor. In case, you filled vape with thinner e-liquid, then you will surely experience popping and crackling noises.

A coil design

Using Twisted and braided coils are responsible to produce more vapor and you will surely experience extra popping sounds. In addition to this, you may experience popping occasionally due to the twisted coil. You must check whether your coils are twisted and braids properly so that you won’t face popping noise again in life.

Moreover, if you find any other problems in your vape product, then must try to fix it immediately, otherwise, you will be unable to enjoy vaping effectively.

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