What are the different factors that are used to make a quality cigar?

What are the different factors that are used to make a quality cigar?


Fond of smoking a cigar, then we sure you will be interested in knowing how cigars are made? From Cuban cigars to Nicaraguan cigars, we are passionate about everything related to cigars and so cigar lovers are. Also, make sure to buy your favorite cigar from a cigar store in cape may. So if you want to know how your favorite cigar is made then you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss the various factors involved in making a cigar.

Curing & Fermenting

After harvesting, the leaves of tobacco are cured. The curing process’s main goal is to decrease the water & sugar content from the tobacco leaves. The whole process takes 6 weeks to complete and depends upon various factors like climatic conditions. After curing, fermentation takes place. In this, the humidity & temperature are measured carefully so that they acquire more aroma & flavor.

Selecting the leaves

The creation of the cigar starts when tobacco leaves are ready to use. The tabaquero must use the right part of the tobacco plant. Let us understand with an example. From the bottom of the tobacco plant, the wrapper of the cigar tends to be a leaf. Moreover, tabaquero will choose the best leaves to make a cigar which means he is going to pick wrappers, fillers & binders. He will select leaves based on texture, color, strength, and so on.


The role of a blender is to select the best combination of leaves for a cigar. Always remember each blend is different in its way by its flavors which means the same blend is used for a specific brand to verify whether the taste of the cigar tastes the same.

Binding & Bunching

After blending the next step is to give shape. The shape will be changed into a cylinder or bunch. The leaves should lie uniformly to ensure that cigars will not burn fastly. It will also help to make sure that the cigar is looking proper and perfect. The bunches will be wrapped with a binder ( layer of tobacco). And at last, the cigar will be molded in the shape everyone knows. The process of molding needs time as tabaquero should make sure that there are no imperfections in the end product. If it is left, then it will affect the appearance as well as the quality of the cigar.

Rolling the cigar

Rolling a cigar is an art which is not as easy as it looks like. You should be an expert if you want to roll a cigar. It is observed that only an expert is capable of rolling 100 cigars per day. The whole process is known as stretching of the wrapper. There are special knives designed to roll the cigars. After rolling, the cigar is then stored in the place foraging for a long time. After absorbing the aroma, flavor, etc, then the cigar is ready.

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