Revolutionary Water-Powered E-Cigarette Invented in China


In a groundbreaking development from Beijing, China, engineers at AquaVapeTech have unveiled an innovative e-cigarette that operates using plain water and can replicate the flavors of popular drinks and candies such as cola and gummy bears. This product is still undergoing health impact studies and has not yet hit the market.

Technology Behind the Invention

The Process of Electrolysis

The core technology of this device involves a unique electrolysis process where regular water is transformed into vapor. Concurrently, a digital microprocessor activates built-in aromatic capsules containing natural flavorings and additives that are safe for consumption. This allows users to enjoy the tastes of their favorite beverages and sweets without the harm associated with traditional smoking or conventional vaping liquids.

Advantages and Innovations

The primary advantage of this e-cigarette is its elimination of the need for nicotine or other harmful chemical substances, potentially reducing the risk of addiction and other diseases. Additionally, the use of water significantly simplifies device preparation, cleaning, and maintenance.

Ongoing Research and Future Development

AquaVapeTech is collaborating with leading Chinese scientific institutes to conduct comprehensive health impact studies of their technology. The outcomes of these studies will be published shortly and will play a crucial role in obtaining the necessary safety certifications and introducing the product to the global market.


Company representatives hope that their invention will radically transform the e-cigarette industry, offering a healthy and safe alternative to smoking for millions of people worldwide.

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