What Are The Topmost Amazing Vaping And Smoke Ring Tricks By Professionals?

How to blow smoke rings and O’s?

For vaping, the old technique was revamped and it had an advanced session. This is considered as one of the best vape tricks, but to master it you need to practice for a long time.

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How to do it?

Take the vape and inhale it into the throat. Keep the tongue at bottom of the mouth and then to the back of the throat and this will form a round O shape with the lips. Push a small amount of vapor out from the throat by using the short pulsing motion which is the same as a subtle cough. The O size you produce will be the same as the vapor you produce. Tuck the lips in, if you want to have the fat donuts and do not push them out.

How to do double or triple vape rings?

With the vape, you can blow 2 or more rings at one time. Not only does it look the best, but this option is extremely simple once you get a hold of it.

How to do it?

Over the mouth, keep your finger and pull it slightly on the top lip to have a split. The mouth opening will be done in the 2 sections. The same method you need to use to have triple rings. For that, the exhale will be done with 2 fingers and the mouth needs to be opened slightly wider to get the best results.

Easy vape tricks for beginners

What is the method to get colored vape smoke?

You might be wondering what is the method to get a colorful vape. Well, this is not just a vape trick but it also comes along with style.

How to do it?

This trick is done with the digital editing effects during post-production. One of the mods is known as Sense Arrow which has LED lights and it helps to give color to the clouds. With this vape trick. You can make everything look visually pleasant and attractive.

What is the method to do ghost inhale?

Ghost inhale is also called a mushroom cloud or snap inhale. To try something easier you need to go with this option. This looks way more impressive than it sounds.

How to do it?

Take vapor in a long drag and let it stay in the mouth for a few seconds. Then push it out from the mouth in a ball shape and quickly inhale it.

How to do a dragon?

Another vaping trick is to try the option of the dragon. This might look like someone is blowing a hole in the face. Not only it looks impressive but this is a great option to try for.

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