What are the tips which help to identify good quality cigars?

What are the tips which help to identify good quality cigars?

Tips to look for a good quality cigar

Are you going to buy the cigar for the first time, then here are some of the tips which you need to keep in mind while buying high-quality cigars from the best cigar store in Cape May. Being able to pick up a quality cigar is just like art, and you should not spend your hard-earned money on anything.

What is there in the premium cigar?


The head is what you put in the mouth. Before you do so, you need to cut the tip with a miniature guillotine.


The foot is the cigar part that you will light up.


The filler is a blend of dried & fermented tobacco.


It is the dark-colored or light outer cigar layer, and this is what makes the cigar flavor the best.

 Cigar body

The body of a cigar is not about the cigar length or shape. The body is measured by how strong or intense the smoke is. The option of a full-bodied cigar is the best.

Understanding the size

The cigar size will affect the flavor. Make sure to buy the cigar which you are planning to smoke. If you have enough time, then make sure to go with the longer cigar.

Choosing the right shape

The cigar shape is considered with the ring gauge and it is measured in 64ths of an inch in the diameter. Many people think that if the cigar is fat, it will give an intense or fuller taste, but this is not true. The taste will depend less or more on the tobacco you will use to roll.

Consider the packaging

The cigar packaging will tell you a lot about the way it tastes and burns. If the cigar is extremely tight and then you will have less of a draw. In case the packaging is too loose then you will get a harsh flavor of cigar and it will burn extra hot.

Ashes to Ashes

To check a good quality cigar, you should know how long the ash takes before falling. Normally, you should see 1 inch of ash before it falls. If you see anything less than that, it is not of the best quality.

When the ash is flipped you should be able to see the cigar in a cone shape. It tells you that the centre leaves are of superior quality.

Rolling Test

Make sure to test the cigar construction by rolling it between the index finger and thumb. While rolling the cigar if you feel lumps then it is not correct. The body should not feel too soft, or there should not be less filling.

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