What are the topmost ways to store cigars and keep them fresh for a long time?

What are the topmost ways to store cigars and keep them fresh for a long time?

Given below are the top ways to store cigar and keep them fresh when you bought them from the cigar store:

  • Maintain a consistent temperature and humidity

To get the best smoking experience, one can go into the cigar factory and then go outside and smoke the cigar. But this is not practical. Ideally, the best humidity is 70%, and a temperature of 68 degrees. According to the season, these numbers are quite difficult to maintain. This is the reason, the humidity between 62 and 72 percent is acceptable.

Try to change the humidity according to the temperature. If you are planning to spend money on a collection of cigars, then consider the fact where cigars are made and the climate needs to be kept similar. The cigars with thicker wrappers and more oil need less humidity.

  • Humidor for proper storage

The ideal way to store cigars at home is to use the humidor. The boxes help to mimic the climate where cigars are made and also the amount and types of cigar you want to store are considered. This helps in adding moisture and any excess of it is removed. Humidors help in keeping the cigar fresh for short periods.


What are the steps to store cigars in a humidor?

  • Use only distilled water inside a humidor.
  • Weekly, check the moisture level inside the humidor and check the cigars for mold signs.
  • Remove cellophane wrapper before storing cigars inside the humidor and if you want the flavors to meld.
  • Never keep the cigars on top of each other. It needs to have proper airflow.
  • Change the cigar position inside the humidor every 6 months so that the humidity is even.


  • Buy a Hygrometer and humidistat

The 2 most important and cheapest tools that help in storing the cigars are hygrometer and humidistat. The humidistat does not need electricity to maintain humidity. Most of them are made of synthetic clay and keep the relative humidity of 70 percent.

The hygrometer helps to check the humidity level in your area. These are analog and digital versions. If you are starting the cigar collection, you will save your money by buying an analog hygrometer.

  • Storing cigars without Humidor

The humidor is a box made of cedar for keeping cigar and moisture level consistent. However, if you don’t have it then it won’t stay fresh for too long. Sealed cigars will last for a week outside a humidor.

What are the steps?

  • Keep the open package in a ziplock bag or sealed plastic container.
  • Saturate a clean sponge with distilled water and put inside it.
  • For 25 cigars, one sponge is enough. If you are storing a few cigars, then cut the sponge into small sections.


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