What factors do you need to keep in mind while purchasing the best Hookah?

If you want to buy a hookah, then you need to visit the best hookah or cigar store. But you have to keep certain things in mind while purchasing a hookah. These are:

Origin of the Hookah

Do you know where the hookahs are manufactured? Well, hookahs are of two types, one is modern and another is traditional. In which, Modern hookahs are usually manufactured in China but the headquarters are located in the United States. Whereas, traditional hookahs are manufactured in-:

  • Egypt
  • Syria
  • Lebanon
  • Turkey
  • Other the Middle East and Mediterranean nations.

Modern hookahs are manufactured on production lines utilizing modern processing methods, whereas most conventional hookahs are simply produced by human hands. It’s pretty easy to distinguish a modern hookah from a traditional hookah. Construction, styling, and performance are distinguishable factors.

Hookah Materials

Some hookah lovers said that solid brass pipes are the best to use for a long time. Because these pipes are the most solid pipes, the heaviest, and as we said, last forever. They oxidize, but they never corrode. If you go with brass pipes, then you need to clean them daily in order to preserve their passion and beauty. Some other people prefer to go with combinations of stainless steel with copper or brass. There are, though, problems with stainless steel.

There are only a few manufacturers, who use stainless steel of good quality. Usually, low-quality stainless steel is used then electroplated with nickel on the outside only. The interior is vulnerable to corrosion and rust. And high-profile producers make hookahs in this manner.

Hookah Height

It is another main point that you have to keep in mind while purchasing a hookah from the store. You must ask a store owner about the height considerations of this substance. Additionally, Choosing the best height for a hookah is often a question of taste. Experienced hookah smokers always go with 28 inches and 32 inches long hookahs. This range of height is a strong combination of efficiency and ease of handling. However, people who want to carry hookah with them while traveling, they prefer to go with small hookahs. The height of hookah plays a role in results. A bigger vase and stem can carry more smoke and create more smoke upon inhalation. That doesn’t say the tiny hookahs don’t smoke enough. There are a number of tiny hookahs that smoke incredibly well.

Hookah Hose Options

Don’t those four hose hookahs look wonderful? Some people think that those are great for a band or party. Given the feel, several hose hookahs aren’t what they’re cracked to be. The more hoses, the lower the output, and the bulkier the hookah smokes. You need to think about the hose, what type of hose do you want in your hookah for a better experience.

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