Basics of E Cigs- How to Vape?

Basics of E Cigs- How to Vape?

Vaping is a common trend that gives a simulation of smoking a real cigarette . There are many varieties of e-cigs available and their use or operation is very easy. You should be aware of those types and how they work especially when you are a beginner to the vaping  process

You might be new to vaping and longing for your first inhale or you might simply want to know more about different types of e-cigarettes available and the way they work, so here in the content you will learn all such basics from buying your first vaping kit to its first inhale .     You can get your e-cigs sourced from any vape store or a vape shop.

Mechanism of E-cigs

E-cigs is basically made up of 3 components which are E-cig battery which is typically a power source, e-cig tank which reserves e-liquid and a e-cig coil that is installed within the tank . These components all work together to turn e-liquid into a vapor which you inhale . When the battery supplies power to the metal wire , it heats it which causes the e-liquid in the tank to evaporate .

Types or Varieties of e-Cigs

E-cigs come in all shapes and sizes using the same type of components mentioned above. These are

1) Cigalikes 

Consisting of a rechargeable battery and disposable cartridge , they look like real cigarettes . They don’t have a button and are automatically turned on when you start to inhale with the cartridge. They are easy to use as you just need to simply remove the cartridge and replace it with the other one when it runs out. What’s better for those smokers who actually want to have the experience of using a real cigarette and is getting its look alike . The kits are cheap while the cartridges are expensive over the long run

2) Tank e-cigs

Tank e-cigs got their name from the reason of having a reservoir that holds the e-liquid.  This category is easy to use and is more advanced as they have more powerful batteries discharging more power.

E-liquid and how to choose it 

The liquid which is used in e-cigarettes that evaporates into vapor form to be inhaled is what we call e-liquid . It contains ingredients like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings and nicotine

Make sure you buy quality e-liquid while choosing it . Proper testing of the liquid is done to ensure no harmful compounds are present.

Also tobacco or menthol flavoured e-liquid is used for the beginners

Starting with e-cigs 

Simply start with changing the batteries and screw the cartridge in the case of cigalikes while in the case of tank e-cigs you first need to ensure that your battery is completely charged and your tank is filled followed by changing the coil.

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