What happens when you Mix too much Flavor?

Use of vaping product is increasing every year as people are getting to know about it more. E-juice plays an important part in it. In this guide, we will discuss what will happen if you mix too much flavor.

Many vapers do different things so that they can get the best vaping experience. Vaping is not only about throat hit and cloud production, but you have to also focus on the flavor.

But, what will happen if you get too much flavor? Sometimes the taste of e-liquid gets too much. If this happens, then there should be some way in which the flavor can be toned down so that the vaping session is best.

When actually it is too much?

Actually, it is true that having too much flavor is a bad thing. This happens when there the ingredients are of low-quality or the sweetener is too much. The ingredients will taste synthetic as it can leave the taste bud dis-tasted and too much sweetener is also not helpful.

Additionally, these things will make the vaping experience not enjoyable. At times, the vapers will not be able to taste the e-juice which means that puff will not be satisfying at all.

Not all vapors crave for strong flavor so when they inhale strong juice as it is not their taste. Make sure you buy the product from the E-Juice Shop according to your needs.

Why the vapor might be getting too much flavor?

  • One of the reasons is that the e-liquid is soaked improperly which gives an unpleasant taste.
  • It might be possible that they purchased the e-juice of a cheap brand which contains artificial and low-quality ingredients. This is why it is essential you buy the vaping product from the best vape shops.
  • There might be an issue with the device that the coil is not working properly or the settings are not accurate.

What are the ways to tone down the flavor?

  • Increase the Nicotine level

Increasing the nicotine level will help to tone down the flavor. This is because the nicotine molecules interact with the molecules of flavor. Rest it is up to you if you can handle the higher nicotine level.

  • Higher VG amount

It is believed that increasing the VG amount helps to get a better experience. The VG is thick and viscous. When the coil is heated it gives a dense type of flavor which is not that strong as PG. You should buy the vaping product from the best Vape juice shop.

  • Water it down

You can try to water it down with a bottle of the e-juice base. It contains VG and PG which are the base of any product. What you have to do is put the base in the liquid so that you get the flavor you want.

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