Reasons E-Cigs Get Hot During Recharge

Vaping devices popularity have forced the manufacturers to produce stronger and better devices. But, this also means it is essential to understand how these devices are working. The devices are very powerful that it produces heat while charging. In this guide, we have mentioned the reasons behind that.

Battery Chargers

It is always advised to the charger which is given the e-cig when you bought it from e-cigs store. Not using it properly can overheat the device. So, to increase the life and reliability of the device using the proper charger.

  • While buying the e-cig from the vape shop consider the batter size. At times some of the chargers can charge many types but some are made for specific ones. This is because the batteries capacity is much higher as compared to the charger.
  • Modern chargers have additional features like power bank, data bank, and Bluetooth ability However, the features that affect its performance are:
  • Reverse polarity feature that doesn’t allow a charger to operate if it is inserted in reverse pattern.
  • The over-charge feature stops charging once the battery is fully charged to minimize battery stress.
  • Li-ion composition is becoming an industry standard as it is very fast.


Choosing the best battery of good quality and from the best vape store is very important. The battery of low-quality can overheat very easily and can even result in fire. This is the reason, Li-ion battery is best as they shut down when it is properly charged. This way functioning of the device will be smooth and safe.

Keep these things in mind while buying quality battery

Manufacturer or brand of the battery

Shopping for 18650 battery than most important is to check the brand or manufacturer. The price and quality of the high-priced battery cannot be compared with low-price as they have many features in it. Don’t just choose by reading the reviews. There are many false companies who claim that their product is the best so you need to be aware of these trends.

Five global brands which are trust-worthy and supply the best devices are:

  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Sanyo
  • Panasonic

Capacity of a battery

Battery capacity means for how many hours how much power can be supplied which is mentioned in milliampere hours (mAh). Everyone wants that they can use the battery for a long time. But according to current rating, it is restricted which is linked with inside the battery how much material can be stored.

If you are going to buy a new device or want to have a new battery then make sure you visit our shop. Our shop owner will guide you properly which option you should choose and how to use the vaping device effectively without getting into any trouble.

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