Is vaping Better than Smoking?

We all know that smoking is very harmful to health. With the advent of vaping the smoking have been neglected by many people. But does that mean vaping is better than smoking? The question is ‘how’. To learn about this read the given topic as we have mentioned the information.

For years, we have been enlightened that smoking poses harmful effect on health. Many studies have shown that its effects on the body are worse.

With the beginning of vaping, everything changed and it got better. Research has even shown that by 2021 around 55 million adults will be using e-cigs.

When it was known that smoking poses a negative effect?

Back in 1960, it was known that smoking can leave a bad effect on the body and even doctors were opposed to people smoking. Since then a lot has been changed and there are very few people who are smoking e-cigs. But still, every year many people die because of smoking.

How smoking affects health?


Lung cancer is the cause of smoking and around 84% of deaths are because of this.


Due to smoking, the risk of stroke is increased by 50% along with aneurysm is developed.


With smoking, the risk of heart disease is increased and it can also damage the blood flow in the body.

Skin and bones

Due to smoking, the oxygen is not reached to the skin properly which eventually make the bones weak and brittle. Moreover, it has shown that chances of stillbirth, illness, and premature birth is increased.

Is vaping safe option as compared to smoking?

A lot of research has been done on the health benefits of vaping in comparison to smoking. If you switch to smoking than vaping leaves very small negative effect on the body. You can say that vaping is 95% less harmful. The way they are manufactured and all the ingredients they have does not leave any harmful effect on the body.

Will lungs get affected because of vaping?

There are some articles which show that vaping can leave a lung disease known as popcorn lung but this is not cancerous or dangerous. Although there is no direct link between this disease and e-cigs. Just make sure to buy the best quality vaping product from the vape store.

Is it possible smoking habit can be stopped with vaping?

Well, many studies have shown that the use of e-cigs can prevent smoking habit. People who start with vaping feel motivated as they have found something which is not harmful in any manner.

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