Tips to prevent Vape Spitback

We all are familiar with the issue of vape spit-back. You fill a tank and then fire up the mod but the vape juice spurts and then pops out from the atomizer which can be pretty annoying. Luckily there are ways in which this problem can be fixed. Read this guide to learn the tips to prevent the vape spit back.

Quick Tips to prevent Vape Spitback 

  • Adjust the airflow

You might be thinking of troubleshooting the spitting vape tank, but there are few easy ways in which you can quickly fix the problem. If the mod is spitting back then you need to adjust the airflow. In some cases, the spit-back happens because excess air can lead the vape juice to come out from the tank. In that, you should adjust the tank so that the airflow is less.

  • Choose the longer drip tip

Another easy way to stop the spit-back is by using the longer drip tip which contains a thinner air hole as compared to other devices. Generally, this might not prevent the spit back but the vape will not go into your mouth.

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Why does the coil lead to vape spit-back?

One of the main reasons for vape spit-back is to put too much e-juice on the coil when you prime it. No doubt, you don’t want to get a burnt taste but if you use it in excess then it can lead to a problem. When you prime the coil by applying the e-juice, make sure you do it properly and on time. Give the e-juice some time to soak in so that the juice buildup does not occur and spit-back is prevented.

Some vape coils can lead to the issue of spit back. Like the clapton coils are known to collect the extra amount of e-juice which leads to juice flowing coming out. Additionally, if the coil is braided or twisted this problem can occur again.

Set the wattage to prevent the Vape juice to come out

The sub-ohm vaping has too low wattage which can be the best option for the vape spit-back. This is because the lower wattage takes longer for the coil to heal up and this way the e-juice gets the chance to flow in and the coil is flooded. As we have already said, the flooded coil is one of the main reasons for the vape spit-back. So, you can experiment by adjusting the wattage slightly higher and see if the popping stops.

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