Another bill To Ban all flavored Products is on its way

If you want to hear the latest vape news, we have it here. The world is facing a vape crisis owing to the millions of people who want it banned. The people are not wrong in demanding the ban of the vape as the kids are getting influenced by bad habits due to this. With people crying hoarse over 11-year-old children taking to vaping, the law seems to be on their side. vape ban news has brought some relief to these sections of the society.

The new bill intends to ban all kinds of all flavored traditional tobacco products which include menthol cigarettes, chews, and vape pods among other things as they are harmful to health.

The pleasing flavored vaping products which come in enticing flavors Apple Cinnamon Donut, Cotton Dandy, Blazberry Cream, and Pink Lemonade — have got the new generation hooked on tobacco. The statistics are worrisome, especially after witnessing a steady fall in smoking rates in all the age groups in the past years.

Many people believe that if anything can help kick the habit of traditional smoking, it is vaping.

Opponents argue that  a ban penalizes adults who are used to taking flavored products to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. The vape ban news has not gone down too well with this section of people.

Although the Trump administration introduced a full flavor ban, it has failed to check flavored e-cigarette cartridges. Some states still go on with the sale of some flavors like menthol and tobacco as it is not illegal under the Federal law.

Some states like Massachusetts, have banned all kinds of tobacco products including menthol cigarettes from June 1 whereas it banned E-cigarettes last September. New Jersey followed suit in January, with the law taking effect in April.

The jury is still not decided over whether e-cigarettes truly help people in quitting smoking. No research has proved this point. All the studies carried out in this context have yielded inconsistent results.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, vaping is not considered as a reliable aid for quitting smoking. Instead, it recommends medication and counseling for quitting smoking.

Another cause for concern is that the youth are shifting from vape pods to disposable vaping devices. With brands like Puff Bar, Stig and Viigo still out of the reach of the bill, there are chances of vaping activity to go on.

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