Top 5 Myths about Vaping

If you are new to vaping, then you must know and understand certain things about vaping. Well, don’t worry vaping is not as harmful as cigars, because it does not contain any type of harmful chemicals. To know the certain myths about vaping, you must read the given article.

Vaping is too popular among people because it does not contain any type of harmful components. And this is also valuable to quit smoking because traditional smoking is too dangerous for your health. If you are new to vaping then you must understand several things about vaping as well as E-cigars too. Well, there is a range of flavors available at a vape store, so you must choose accordingly. If you are still in doubt about vaping or e-cigars, then you must talk to an expert or owner of a vape shop. They will tell you everything about vaping myths and facts too.

Myths about vaping

Vaping will give you popcorn lung

Popcorn lung is a kind of term that is related to the lung condition. It is a misconception that workers you work in a popcorn factory are more prone to get the lung problem due to high levels of diacetyl. In addition to this, according to myth e-liquids contain diacetyl, but this is only a myth because no e-cigar contains this substance. Whereas you can find it in traditional cigars, that why people who smoke too much suffer from lung issues.

Vaping is as harmful as traditional cigarettes

No, this is completely false, e-cigs are not as harmful as traditional cigars. Well, vaping products do not contain any type of harmful component, and these do not produce tar as well as carbon monoxide. Both chemicals are too harmful and these are found in traditional cigars. And all the vaping products are too safe and secure, so you do not take tension if you are thinking of vape e-cigars.

Vaping is not helpful to quit smoking

Several people create a misconception that vaping is not helpful to quit smoking. Well, this is false, vaping is too helpful to quit smoking because it does not contain any type of harmful chemicals. In fact, this is 100% safe, helps almost millions of people in quitting smoking. So, if you are thinking to quit smoking, then you must go with vaping or e-liquids.

Moreover, there are several other myths about vaping include-:

  • Passive vaping is harmful to others
  • E-cigarettes can explode
  • Vaping is more addictive than smoking
  • Vaping is just for cloud chasers
  • E-cigarettes encourage young people to smoke
  • E-liquid contains antifreeze
  • Vaping is more expensive than cigarettes

These are the only myths, not facts, so don’t even try to trust them.

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