Myths Concerning Youth Vaping Epidemic

Vaping has become a huge craze among the adults and youngsters. No doubt, there are various vaping products available in the market which at times confuse people and this also has given rise to the different myths. In this topic we are going to talk about youth vaping myths.

Here are some of the top myths related to the youth vaping epidemic:

  • Teens who never smoked will vape less

One of the data has shown that teens who smoked or have smoked in the past will be into vaping. Data have shown that teens who more than 100 cigarettes have shown that vaping has risen to 57.2%.

On the other hand, teens who never used the traditional cigarette will use the vaping products 4.4 times more, who smoked one cigarette has chances of 7.1 times higher to use the vaping device. So, it is clear that who are youngsters will be more than one-month vapers.

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  • They are vaping that often

One of the important considerations is given to addiction. Many people think that if they pick up the vaping product they will get addicted to it as it has nicotine in it. But the results have shown that there is no such way they would vape frequently. There is no need to worry as the nicotine content is not harmful and even there are products that have zero base nicotine which can buy from the vape shop or purchase online.

  • It does not look like they are addicted

One thing which is also talked about is whether they are dependent on the tobacco product like when they wake up do they feel the need. No doubt, they can be termed as dependence. Those who vape do not see themselves as tobacco users.

Past month vapers who smoked around 100 cigarettes responded differently.

  • Smoking is declining as vaping increases

Well, on this factor, there have been very few impacts. No doubt vaping has shown to be helpful to many people to quit traditional smoking. But still, many people are into smoking. You can say it is like a gateway to solving the health issues which arise with smoking but it will take time for people to understand how it is beneficial. This is the reason, more research is needed to make people understand how vaping is helpful in every possible way as compared to smoking.

If you are going to start vaping then make sure you choose the right product and do not believe everything you hear. You should choose to talk to the professionals to understand everything in a better way.

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