Why switch to E Cigs?

In the last few years it has been seen that people are switching to e-cigs from a traditional cigarette. Certainly, there are many reasons why people are switching towards e-cigs. In this guide, we have mentioned the reasons which will help you understand what is the reason behind switching to e-cigs.

What is the reason behind choosing E-cigs?

  • 90% cheaper

The cost of around 40 cigarettes is for around 1 cartridge of E-cig which is around low as 1.50. With the use of vaping products, you can use save around 92% of the money. Moreover, when you buy an e-juice bottle from a vape shop it can last for 2 to 3 weeks. Just make sure that you choose the best vape store to buy a quality product at an affordable price.

  • More control on vaping device or reduce nicotine intake

The e-juice is present in 5 different nicotine strength at e-cig store which also includes zero nicotine.

– During day change the strength

Vaping on low strength reduces the desire to smoke the entire day.

– At Various occasions change the strength

Most of the time keep the strength medium and on special occasions keep it high.

– With time reduce the strength

When you make the switch you will notice that gradually the nicotine level is reduced and might reach the 0 levels.

  • No problem of burning, tar, smoke, or ash

In traditional cigarettes, there are around 4000 chemicals and other toxins. For every 10 pack of 20 cigarettes is burned and around 2g tar (one teaspoon) is left in the lungs. Smoking effects because the tobacco is burned.

Whereas with the vaping device there are ingredients like water, nicotine, flavoring, PG and VG. Another benefit is that there is no tar or smoke.

  • Do Vaping anywhere

Smoking is not acceptable in public places. But, the vaping device has not been considered illegal to use anywhere. So, enjoy your vaping session freely.

  • No problem of the nasty smell

The e-juice is scented which helps in giving you the best flavor. Also, the smell disappears immediately and there is no nasty burning smell.

Working of E-Cigs

  • The length of the e-cigarette is made by the battery. This is a link with a cartomizer cartridge which have atomizer and nicotine e-juice. The e-juice is vaporized by the atomizer when you inhale it and then it is turned into flavored water vapor which has nicotine.
  • When you inhale the vapor in the same manner as that of smoking it will give you satisfaction but without any smoke, tar, or ash.
  • The batteries also last for a long time and reliable.

There are endless choices of vaping devices so choose the one which you like and have the best vaping session.

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