What does vape juice consists of?

E-juice is the fluid that is used in vaporizers to create vapor. The e-juice comes in different options in terms of nicotine levels and flavors. The vape juice contains VG and PG. In case you are going to vape for the first time then read the given topic as it let you know what does the vape juice contains.

What does the vape juice contain?

Vape juice is a product which comes in different names like e-juice, and vapor-liquid. The product can be used with different vaping devices and you can enjoy the various flavors.

According to the user preference, the selection of e-juice can be done from the local tobaccoandvapemart.com/vape-juice/.

There are vapes also which contain nicotine in zero amount. These are made of VG and PG. There are other ingredients like food flavorings, water, and some type of nicotine.

Vape juice contains different ratios of PG and VG.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

The main ingredient is PG and considered one of the most popular options for re-fill among the user. With this option, strong flavor is delivered. This type of e-juice can be ingested easily and it also works best to enhance the flavor. This means at the back of the throat it will give the best flavor. This option, not that dense as compared to VG. It kind of tastes sweet. Make sure you discuss with the shop owner of theĀ vape store to let you know in detail.


  • This is best for swallowing and inhalation.
  • Very small people get affected by it negatively.


  • PG produces less visible vapor as compared to VG. It is not ideal to produce massive clouds.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

The vape juice is made of VG by around 80 to 90 %. This is very popular among vapors because of the dense cloud it produces. The liquid is non-toxic as well as colorless and has no smell. It is manufactured by using oil products. This is new material, so some people find it difficult to use.


  • Best in producing large vapor


  • This can give a very sweet flavor. If the atomizer is small and old it can make it clogged.

Food-grade flavorings

The delicious vaping session you have is because of the food quality ingredients. Both VG and PG do not have their flavor but mixing it with few additive options can make the best better.


The vape liquids contain some type of nicotine, which can help to satisfy the carvings. It can help in improving the throat hit. This option is considered very safe.

Choosing a PG/ VG ratio

  • To have a little impact of flavor, the PG gives thinner consistency as compared to VG.
  • With PG, more flavors are produced.

The ultimate choice is yours how you want you are vaping session to be.

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