All Vape products banned by FDA except Tobacco and Menthol

Vaping related illness is on the rise all over the world. Many countries have passed rules and regulations to cope up with this issue. FDA has taken the initiative to ban the vape products excluding the menthol and tobacco flavor. This guide will give you brief information about this topic.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the U.S. announced the vape banon fruit and mint-flavored nicotine vaping mods. This is done to reduce its intake by teenagers. The reports are mentioned by CNBC. However, the menthol and tobacco flavors will still be available at the vape shop. This vape news has affected the vape community.

The FDA is under pressure to deal with the teenagers who are hooked on to nicotine-containing products. The news started revolving when the FDA officially announced the legal age of 21 to buy the tobacco product. Hope this change will help the people to focus on their health and understand how it affects their health in the long run.

FDA policy target the flavored products

Under the FDA policy, the unauthorized flavored e-cigarette is going to get targeted. This includes the mint and fruit flavors, as they appeal to the kids the most.

Additionally, the business is at risk if the policy is not followed within 30 days. This comes under the “FDA enforcement actions”.

Alex Azar Secretary of the Health and Human Services said, “By prioritizing restriction against the products which are used by the children the most, the action we have taken today is to focus on right public health balance by maintaining e-cigs as a potential way for adults to stop the use of tobacco products. This action also helps to prevent nicotine addiction in the youth.”

Which products are banned?

Under this policy, the cartridge-based nicotine pods are banned, which include the world market leader of vaping products ‘JUUL’. To be fair, they are already in a position to put the ban.

With the policy of FDA and Trump Administration, JUUL has put a halt on the product which was in high demand. According to the CNBC report, the sale of refillable nicotine liquid tanks of mint and fruit flavors can be bought by the vapors without any problem.

Alex Azar, Health and Human Services Secretary of the U.S. Department, said in an interview, “Today that the move was not linked to the recent outbreak of a sudden vaping illness that has to lead to the death of over 50 people in late December”.

Stephen Hahn, FDA Commissioner said, “We are putting efforts to combat the problem of youth electronic cigarette use, the enforcement policy we are passing today confirms our commitment to reduce the kid’s access to a certain type of flavored e-cigarette products which are appealing them the most,”

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