Vape Ban is up but it is already out of date

Vaping products have become very popular in a very limited time. But lately, it has been seen that many countries are putting a ban on different vaping products as a matter of health safety. In this guide, we have discussed the vaping ban and how it is already out of date.

Lately, the vape ban news is circulating all over the world to address the vaping health issues. The food and drug administration banned the most popular e-cigarettes flavor. But the FDA officials have said that this vape ban is more like guidance to show how they can enforce the powers to fill up the deadly gaps to determine the public health.

Any time they can use these powers to crack down the e-cigarette products which have hooked the children and youngsters to the e-cigs which is mentioned in the enforcement policy.

What is the reason for enforcing the policy?

  • The main aim of putting the ban was for teenagers and how its use is driving them crazy. But putting these limitations and exceptions will help to control the situation.
  • Last year, President Trump indicated about stopping the e-cigarette sales.
  • Moreover, when the survey was done it helped to know that teenagers are attracted towards the candy and fruit flavors.
  • The e-cigarette manufacturer like JUUL started withdrawing the product on their own which were designed to attract youngsters and children. The e-cigarette pods were attracting teenagers. With Trump’s proposal the sale of tobacco-flavored products was permitted as it was helping the smokers quit smoking. By keeping some of the options in the market it can help aggressive smokers to focus on their health for better.
  • Well, Mr. Trump reversed the laws when people complained not to target the vaping community. Last month, the FDA revealed that menthol and tobacco flavored pods will be sold again. This means that the vape shops and stores can sell e-juice for refillable e-cigarettes no matter what type of flavor it is. This means that the manufacturers will also have a wide range of options.

Will these changes be regulated?

FDA also said these policies will not work the way it should be. But, this is also true that the teenager’s preferences can change. Reports have shown that teenagers moved from JUUL devices to disposable devices of en masse as it has different flavors like sour gummy, mint, and banana ice.

It might be best if the FDA did not allow the candy-flavored disposable e-cigarettes to sell again. It was important that proper research should be done to find its use and how they work.

Well, if you want to understand anything related to vaping and how it should be done in the right way then talk to the experts.

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