Is vaping good for Teeth?

Vaping has become very popular in the last few years. This is true that adults and youngsters are moving towards this option as it does lead to any harmful effect on health. But, it is possible that vaping can affect the teeth. Reda the given topic to know more about this.

Everyone is aware that smoking can affect oral health as it contains tobacco which can affect the teeth negatively. With smoking, the teeth can turn yellow. This can even trigger the problem of gum disease which can make you lose your teeth permanently.

On the other hand, vaping is an alternative option that is much safer but will it be safe for oral health. No doubt, vaping products contain nicotine. The vapers use e-juice which has the presence of nicotine in it, and it can constrict the blood vessels. Gum recession and overall teeth can get affected by nicotine intake. If the blood flow is not proper, then oxygen supply and other vital nutrients will not reach the soft tissues area of the mouth. If the nutrients are not available, the cell will die.

Propylene glycol

For preparing the e-juice, thinners are used. Due to the thinners, the vapers get the effect of the dry mouth. It is a hygroscopic compound that takes away the water from its surrounding area. Dry mouth can be very inconvenient and difficult to deal with, but it can be dangerous also. With dry mouth, tooth decay and gum disease can get triggered.


The mouth is full of bacteria and research has shown that with vaping the bacteria quantity is increased in the mouth. Due to nicotine, the mouth is not able to fight with the bacteria and this effect can increase the chances of tooth decay as well as soft tissue infections. Make sure that you are buying a quality product from the best vape store in your area.

Ongoing Research about vaping effect on teeth

Though vaping does not impact the health negatively but there is some issue. Well, research is still going on this. The vaping is still new to everyone and there are no long-term studies that show the effect on vaping on the health or how it can increase the health issue.

No doubt, when you compare smoking and vaping, vaping is a preferable choice. This is the reason, more people are opening their vape shop as they are also getting profits from these products because of its increase in demand.

So, it is good or bad for teeth? BOTH. Comparing it with smoking, it will not affect the teeth in that adverse manner. But yes, when you switch to these devices the risk of gum issue and other tooth problems will decrease.

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