Vaping banned in Philippines due to Lung Disease Fears

Vaping has become a major source of entertainment among youngsters and adults. But, lately, it has been seen that many countries are putting a ban on the use of vaping products. In this guide, we will discuss the ban on vaping in the Philippines due to fear of lung disease.

Recently, the Philippines announced the vape ban on the use & sale of the e-cigarette. This is quite a sudden and unexpected decision which is made by the country’s President Rodrigo Duterte.

The Philippines released a statement saying, “The orders are released by the President…All of these changes need to be enforced. If someone violates them they will be arrested.”

Why is Philippine ban vaping?

The news came out with a 16-year-old girl who was diagnosed with lung disease after using the e-cigarette for 6 months. This is done to make people aware of health issues.

As per doctors, the case is very mysterious in link to the lung disease. This problem resulted in a symptom like a problem with breathing but after treatment, the problem went away.

In one of the interviews, the President said, “The vaping products will be banned. This includes sales and use. But, you know what is the reason? This is done because the products are toxic. The government is putting these measures for public interest and public health.”

With this vape news the people get to know even the President was a heavy smoker which resulted in blood vessel blockage.

He also added, “The vaping products have nicotine and other chemicals which we are not aware of. You might say it is electronic but still it does not make sense. Stop it right away. You need to understand it is just like smoking.” The finance minister ruled out the ban and suggested higher taxation as an effective option. With the recent changes being made the government is asking them to start drawing up the legislation.

What does it mean?

In the start, the vaping product was considered as the most powerful tool to quit smoking. The research has shown that the vapor does not result in the production of the 7000 chemicals which is done with the traditional cigarette.

The level of chemicals in the e-cigarette is very low. The risk is very less. On the other hand, the UK body has said that “Till now no proper evidence has been found which impacts health with the use of vaping.”

The critics say the availability of e-cigarettes increase the craze in the children and among youngsters because of the nicotine.

Nonetheless, the vapers who are experienced know much they need to do so that their health is not impacted negatively. To understand the concept of vaping in a better way, talk to the experts.

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